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January 24, 2005


Gary Herman

Outsourcing will keep getting bigger, especially to countries like India and other English speaking countries where the people there can communicate in English. Lower costs in communication and improved technologies will also spur more outsourcing.

Craig P

Outsourcing to rural America is fine, if that in fact happens. Sadly, Gary is likely correct.

The Gov't should give tax breaks to companies who buck the international outsourcing trend, instead of rewarding companies who are taking all the jobs overseas. Both American workers and American consumers (who are treated to lower quality customer support for one thing) are done a major disservice by this - only the corporations are rewarded, by saving money by paying low wages in desperately poor countries. The Gov't really needs to step in and do something, but they don't currently seem to have the interests of the American worker at heart. Oh, NAFTA and WTO (among other acronyms), what hath thou wrought?

Gosh, I think this may be the only thing in history Pat Buchanan and I will ever sort of agree on... Scary.


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